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The Events of the Gapstars Scale-Up Week

 Sri Lanka  |    

2024/03/06 16:34 pm

Colombo, 26 February. In the Gapstars Scale-Up week, an audience of over 50 guests from all over the world were treated with a memorable experience that was an ideal representation of the company's values of collaboration, innovation, and involvement with the community. The week started on February 14th, with the warmest welcome for guests in the Colombo hub, followed by a visit to the office and the delicious buffet lunch that was attended by partners and employees. The week was full of participants who participated in educational seminars, the well-known Scale-Up party, and a host of charitable initiatives. These events together highlighted the variety of community-driven strategies to the growth process that are the foundation of Gapstars.

Growth: Insightful Workshops on Agile and AI
On February 15, Gapstars hosted a series of seminars that added value to provide personnel and associates with the most up-to-date knowledge and practical advice. The first was focused on Agile methods and it was led by Facilitator & Consultant at Luminary, Azeem Saheer. The workshop was unique in that it utilized LEGO models to study the subject of speed in customer experience in contrast to. the quality of service as well as the idea of a square wheel and round in the context of the wheel. of the trouble triangle and designing thinking. The workshop that followed was directed by Dr. Sagara Sumathipala of Gapstars. The workshop examined the transformative potential of Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) technology in Conversational AI. Through a series of activities, the participants were able to gain the experience of using RAG models to create highly intelligent chatbots.

Family: A United Celebration at the Gapstars Scale-Up Party

The main event for the entire week was the lunar-themed "Moon Party" that took in the grounds of Port City Colombo on the 16th of February. The famed Scale-Up celebration started by bringing workers on double-decker party buses to take part in an atmosphere of fun and camaraderie. In the lunar landscape, participants were treated to spectacular shows by Naadro and the fire dancing group 2Forty2 as well as the well-known host Fahad Farook who hosted the event. Additionally, the company supported local small businesses using coconuts, and street food vendors from the area to offer refreshments throughout the evening. It was the Scale-Up Party served as an event to recognize and honor employees and partners in different categories. That's why the Scale-Up Party brought together the global Gapstars community for a huge celebration of the growth that has been occurring.

Impact: Giving Back to Local Communities
As Scale-Up Week ended, Scale-Up Week ended, Gapstars continued to pledge its support to local communities. Through its association and The Liv Foundation, the firm is a regular patron of the Cholankande Youth Training Center, a technological institution that assists underprivileged children in acquiring the skills needed in electrical, automotive, and computing-related engineering. In recent visits, the company had discussions with donors on the progress of current initiatives as well as plans direction of their support. This charitable initiative exemplifies the company's holistic strategy to achieve success, an area where innovation can create opportunities for local communities within the area and offers an improved future for all.

A global hub network: The rapid growth of Gapstars
The journey that led Gapstars from its inception to its current position as a technological leader is a great example of a path that is driven by determination and creativity. With a partner network that spans across Europe and both the European Union and the United States Gapstars has continually proven its ability to create novel and innovative solutions across various industries. Going forward, Gapstars' vision extends beyond expansion, and it will seek to establish its place within the top tech hubs like Sri Lanka, The Netherlands, Portugal, and the UAE. Through strategic investments in these regions, Gapstars aims to accelerate its growth, broaden its number of partners, and have a bigger impact across the globe before it can reach the scale-up stage in 2025.

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